Polignano a Mare | Isabela Arena, 2017

Hello and welcome to my online journal!

Here is a space where I can share my thoughts, experiences, and adventures as a student of our world.

I am a Brazilian-American, born in São Paulo, and raised in the Greater Philadelphia Area. I also lived a while in London, Perugia, Rome, and Milan. Now, I’ll be moving to my 5th country: France!

I’m a proud polyglot, speaking Portuguese, English, Italian, and French, and I’m working on my Spanish. (German, ich liebe dich, but you’re a tough one and I’m saving you for later!) I love language learning and traveling (4/7 continents so far…I’ve got a long way to go).

I have been a very happy vegetarian since 2011. This change of lifestyle was one of the best things I could have done for myself. Thanks to the new ways of thought, I am constantly learning and growing… healthily.

I’ve been practicing yoga since Fall 2014. As of Summer 2015, I’ve been a certified Yoga teacher. Yoga is what keeps me both fit and sane while trying to find balance in my life. Both practicing and teaching yoga have been two of the greatest learning experiences in my life. The best part? I’ll never stop learning.

Thank you for reading! A bientôt! ॐ

Love & light,



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